domingo, 8 de dezembro de 2013

Motivacion: Lyoto Machida - The Dragon Philosophy

A text of a great athlete who inspires a lot of people, like me, keep your big dreams alive. 

Our father always taught us that, technique beats strength. But the spirit beats the technique. Sometimes you can have a lot of techniques, but if you don't have spirit, you won't be able to use it. That's whay the spirit beats technique.

My dreams always has been to become a UFC champion. Since I was 15 years old and saw Royce Gracie fighting. I set my goal: onde day I will become the UFC champion. I succeeded becoming a champion. But eveytime you archive a dream, you must set another one. Because that will strengthen you path. Or you become dead, because if you have no dreams, you have no life. Today I have a differente dream, to reconquer what I always want. To become champion. I still have a big dream inside of me to become the champion again.

Adversities are beaten by persistence. When you persist and keep going without stopping, if you don't give up, evetually you will break to cycle. And you will overcome any obstacule. If you gave up, you've already lost. If you keep going, you get to a new level. I belivie you must have passion, passion for what you do. Sometimes the results don't metter as much as the fact that you are doing it with love. You must enjoy you day to day. That's you most important thing, because the rest you can archive. You can overcome and obstacle, and you can stay awake with hunger when you love what you do. You will overcome anything if you love what you do.

So the must important thing I have to say is that, I love what I do.
I love training everyday, and to step inside the Octagon is a celebration. That is what matters. The imcomfort zone is very important for us, you know. To feel uncomfortable is important to strengthen your spirit. When you have money and all that, most guy don't want to train anymore, they get too relaxed. It's normal  to want relaxed. When the guy doesn't have it, he is hungry for it. You stay hungry. If you don't have it, then you must search for it. Like the samurai says, if you feel comfortable  you must search for the desconfort , don't look only for the easy way. 

In Karate, is wrirtter as is Karate-Do, "Do" is the way. Judô, "Do" is the way.The way is the philosophy.
The way is respect peoples, don't step over you principles. To persist, because adversties will be along the entire way. Sometimes you lose someone you love, sometimes you can't get what you want  when you  want. Is important to realize that the way will lead you. And the way will lead you on path not only inside the competition, but in you life.That's very important. When you're in there, you're putting everything  on the line, that's samurai's perspective. In the Octagon everything is on the line. Everyday everything in you life is on the line. Give your best, give you 100%.. That's warrior's way. Sometimes it doent's seem you are going to make it, but you keep going. That happens in the Octagon and during training, Its is parallel pach to stick to the samurai way today. The modern day are different, the competition  is different, but the wayis the same.

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  1. Gostei muito do texto, Douglas. Gosto muito da filosofia das lutas orientais, apesar de não me interessar em treinar nenhuma. O que mais gosto nelas é a significação que dão para o conflito. Não existe luta oriental que incentive a luta pela luta, que considero imbecil. É apenas autoconhecimento. Beijos!


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